Mara Healy

Mara Healy (ERYT-500) (Marayogini/Phuntsok Deki) is a celebrated yogini dedicated to the spiritual tradition of yoga, whose teachings infuse compassion and skillful means into asana. Having studied with powerful, spiritually-oriented practitioners (Chandra Om and Manju Jois), Mara has spent over a decade studying with her teacher, Andrey Lappa, the creator of the Universal Yoga System, and works as his North American assistant. Through her studies and personal practices, she has found her voice as a householder dedicated to weaving together normal family life with the yoga practices of the Vajrayana tradition. She is dedicated to bringing supple strength, powerful softness and practical proficiency to each person’s evolving relationship with yoga. Through her yoga school “Balanced Unity Yoga” Mara strives to create an atmosphere of scholarly learning, skillful practice and spiritual happiness. Learn more about Mara at and