Deb Jennings

Deb has studied and played music since age 5, and has studied and practiced sound healing the last 20 years, including studies with Jonathan Goldman and Buddhist monks in China, Tibet and India.  She plays a variety of instruments, including piano, organ, keyboards, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks, Native American flutes and percussion instruments. Her practice draws from many traditions including Sufi, Buddhist, Hindu, Native American and Christian traditions.  Deb has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a Juris Doctorate in Law, and is trained in all 3 levels of Usui Reiki.  Deb is owner of Sounds for the Soul and is available for:

  •              private and group transformational sound sessions;
  •               leading meditations;
  •               public speaking and presentations;
  •               presenting at workshops and retreats;
  •               providing distance sessions using Reiki and Sound.

Deb has played for Yoga in the Park and Meditation Around Town programs in Des Moines.  She has also presented workshops with therapist and author Geral Blanchard on “Post Traumatic Growth:  An Optimistic View of Trauma,” and provides transformational sound sessions for some of his trauma and abuse clients.  She has worked with music and meditation with Bonobo apes in cross species music research and language research.  Deb has been a featured presenter at various yoga retreats and workshops throughout the Midwest.  She frequently speaks for a variety of groups, including Cancer Survivors, Live Well Programs, Stress Reduction and Work/Life Balance for Business Employees, Healing Arts Fairs, Metaphysical Fairs, Senior Colleges, and more.

Deb is currently working on a project called Oneness Vibration, in which recordings of her sound vibrations work will be made available to people around the globe to download for free.  Deb’s passion is to share transformational sounds, created with an intention of unconditional love and gratitude.  She believes peace is an inside job, and by beginning to create more peaceful feelings within one self, peace will begin to manifest in your outer world.  The sounds Deb shares help people relax and release, promote calmness, and enhance feelings of connecting with the infinite source of inner peace.  The sounds also take you within to a place where you feel at one with all that is.   Through the sounds shared through the Oneness Vibration project,Deb hopes you will find your heart opening, your consciousness expanding, any stress and tension decreasing, and your awareness growing into wholeness on all levels. By sharing these vibrational recordings with the world, we hope to help world peace manifest in the world, by each person connecting with inner peace, one by one.  The Oneness Vibration website will be launched in late April or early May 2015.

Deb currently has 5 cd’s available:  Crystal Bowl Meditation for Cultivating Compassion, Loving Kindness and Peace; Sounds for the Soul Mid-day Meditation Live; Gong Song: Celestial Sounds: Deb and Judy Live at Unity; and Celestial Sounds: Boundless.

See her website at for more information.  You may reach Deb at 515-371-0725 or