Aerial Yoga Rigging Equipment

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Rigging Equipment: Everything You Need to Know


Aerial yoga is a unique form of yoga that involves performing yoga poses while suspended in the air using a hammock or silk fabric. To ensure safety and stability during aerial yoga practice, it is important to have the right rigging equipment. In this , we will discuss the different types of rigging equipment used in aerial yoga and their functions.

Yoga Hammocks

Yoga hammocks are the most common type of rigging equipment used in aerial yoga. They are made of a strong and durable fabric that can support the weight of a person. The hammock is suspended from the ceiling using carabiners and straps. The length of the hammock can be adjusted to accommodate different heights and body types.


Carabiners are used to attach the yoga hammock to the ceiling and to adjust the length of the hammock. They are made of metal and come in different sizes and shapes. It is important to choose carabiners that are strong enough to support the weight of the hammock and the person using it.


Straps are used to adjust the height of the yoga hammock and to secure it to the ceiling. They are made of strong and durable material and come in different lengths and widths. It is important to choose straps that are strong enough to support the weight of the hammock and the person using it.


Swivels are used to prevent the yoga hammock from twisting and turning during practice. They are attached to the ceiling and the hammock using carabiners and straps. Swivels come in different sizes and shapes and it is important to choose the right size and shape based on the weight of the hammock and the person using it.

Mounting Hardware

Mounting hardware is used to secure the rigging equipment to the ceiling. It includes bolts, screws, and anchors. It is important to choose the right type of mounting hardware based on the type of ceiling and the weight of the rigging equipment.


Padding is used to protect the person using the yoga hammock from injuries. It is placed on the floor underneath the hammock to cushion any falls. Padding can be made of foam or other soft materials.

Inspection and Maintenance

It is important to inspect and maintain the rigging equipment regularly to ensure safety during aerial yoga practice. The equipment should be inspected for any signs of wear and tear, and any damaged equipment should be replaced immediately. The equipment should also be cleaned regularly to prevent the buildup of dirt and bacteria.


Aerial yoga rigging equipment is essential for a safe and enjoyable aerial yoga practice. By choosing the right equipment and maintaining it properly, you can ensure a safe and stable practice that will help you achieve your yoga goals.

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