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YTT: Everything You Need to Know

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a form of yoga that focuses on the energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine. This energy, known as Kundalini, is believed to be the source of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Kundalini Yoga YTT, or Yoga Teacher Training, is a program that teaches individuals how to become certified Kundalini Yoga instructors.

What to Expect in Kundalini Yoga YTT

Kundalini Yoga YTT programs typically last between 200 and 500 hours, and cover a wide range of topics related to Kundalini Yoga. These topics may include the history and philosophy of Kundalini Yoga, as well as practical instruction on how to teach Kundalini Yoga classes. Students will also learn about the chakras, mantras, and other aspects of Kundalini Yoga practice.

Requirements for Kundalini Yoga YTT

Most Kundalini Yoga YTT programs require that students have a basic understanding of yoga and have been practicing for at least a year. Some programs may also require that students have a certain level of physical fitness, as Kundalini Yoga can be physically demanding.

Benefits of Kundalini Yoga YTT

One of the main benefits of Kundalini Yoga YTT is that it allows individuals to deepen their own practice of Kundalini Yoga. Additionally, becoming a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor can be a fulfilling career path for those who are passionate about yoga and helping others.

How to Choose a Kundalini Yoga YTT Program

When choosing a Kundalini Yoga YTT program, it is important to consider factors such as the program's reputation, the qualifications of the instructors, and the cost of the program. It may also be helpful to attend an information session or speak with alumni of the program to get a better sense of what to expect.

Career Opportunities for Kundalini Yoga Instructors

After completing a Kundalini Yoga YTT program, individuals may choose to pursue a career as a yoga instructor. Kundalini Yoga instructors may work in a variety of settings, including yoga studios, fitness centers, and community centers. Some instructors may also choose to offer private classes or workshops.

Continuing Education for Kundalini Yoga Instructors

Many Kundalini Yoga instructors choose to continue their education by attending workshops, seminars, and other training programs. This can help instructors stay up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques in Kundalini Yoga, and can also help them develop new skills and areas of expertise.


Kundalini Yoga YTT is a rigorous and rewarding program that can help individuals deepen their own practice of Kundalini Yoga and pursue a fulfilling career as a yoga instructor. By choosing the right program and continuing to learn and grow as an instructor, Kundalini Yoga instructors can make a positive impact on the lives of their students and the wider yoga community.

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